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A common problem for businesses is that they outsource the translation of a rather complicated text, but then their colleagues in the destination country notice that terms were translated incorrectly or the translation was poorly worded.

You can of course make these changes in the text yourself, but then the translation service provider might make the same mistakes next time, which is something you ideally want to avoid. The online tool translate5 enables you to correct and comment on translations in your browser.

There are translation systems available on the market which allow for corrections by the customer in theory. However, the customer needs to have the same software tools as the translation service provider for this to work. The problem is that these are expensive and they aren’t always sufficiently user-friendly for the customer’s experts to be able to use them immediately and infrequently. There has for some time been an antidote to this situation in the form of translate5.

Correcting translations with an open source tool

With the online tool translate5, translations can be corrected, evaluated and annotated on the customer’s side. In an optional feedback loop, the translator can comment on the corrections and undo them where applicable.

Screenshot of translate5

Translator comment on an ambiguity they have found:

Screenshot of translate5

Customer enters their own comment:

Screenshot of translate5

All the approved changes are incorporated into the final version of the translation and can be taken into account by the translator the next time.

translate5 supports SDL Trados Studio

Up until now translate5 has been seamlessly supporting work with files from the most widely used translation system, SDL Trados Studio. However, with the help of open source tools, other file formats can also be prepared for translation with translate5. Further information

Note: LocaSoft also sponsors translate5.

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