New look, new CMS – why we’ve changed from TYPO3 to WordPress


A lot has happened at Locasoft over the last few months, especially online. Not only has the design of our website changed, but also the technical foundation it is based on. Below, we’ll explain a bit about why we’ve moved from TYPO3 to WordPress and how we create translations in the CMS. Our new website […]

EN ISO 17100: You can identify professional translations by this standard

Somebody's writing

There is no shortage of translation agencies to choose from. This can sometimes make it difficult to tell professional providers from those it’s better to avoid. One guideline here is the EN ISO 17100 standard. Find out what this is all about and how the standard can help you to choose a translator. EN ISO […]

Machine translation – a trojan horse for our times?

Machine in close-up

Why should I pay a translation agency when I can use Google Translate? Many companies ask themselves this question. Ultimately, machine translations can be obtained free online. Here, we will look at the reasons why it still pays to opt for a real human translator, even in the 21st century. Most of us have probably […]