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Powerful Tools, Flawless Translations: Achieve Global Success with Our Expertise

Human Expertise Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

At our company, human translators are the cornerstone of every project. When translating into another language, nuanced understanding is paramount. Imagine an English speaker reading a German translation done by someone who thinks they’re proficient in English – a recipe for disaster!

This risk is especially high for export-oriented businesses relying on impactful marketing texts. Cultural nuances and subtle meaning differences can easily lead to misunderstandings.

Here’s where translation tools come in. They seamlessly support our translators while saving you money. How?

Faster Turnarounds, Unwavering Consistency

The secret lies in Translation Memory (TM) technology. This database stores source and target text combinations as they’re translated. Think of it as a library of pre-translated “segments” – sentences, headings, and the like.

Whenever a similar segment appears in a current or future project, the previously translated version is suggested to the translator. Additionally, client-specific glossaries (termbanks) provide relevant terminology.

Benefits for you:

  • Enhanced translator productivity: Faster turnaround times for your projects.
  • Consistent terminology: Seamless brand voice across all translated materials.
  • Superior quality: Translations that resonate with your international audience.

Smart Analysis, Cost-Effective Solutions

Before we begin, we analyze your new texts using our TM. Based on the level of match with existing translations, we calculate a weighted word count.

Here’s how it works:

  • Let’s say 50% of your text matches exactly and in context previous translations.
  • You’d only pay for the translation of the remaining 50%.

In this example, you only pay for around 15,000 words out of over 28,000 words, a saving of almost 50%. More information

Trados Studio: The Industry Standard for Excellence

We use Trados Studio, the leading translation tool globally. All our international partners also use Trados Studio, guaranteeing savings across all language combinations.

As members of the Trados LSP Partner Program, we’re part of a global network of translation experts. This allows us to offer exceptional support even for complex projects.

translate5: Empowering Your Team’s Input

We co-financed translate5, an online tool that allows your team to review and refine translations. This is particularly valuable if your overseas offices handle revisions.

Here’s a simplified overview:

  1. We translate your content using Trados Studio.
  2. The bilingual file is imported into translate5.
  3. You receive access to make edits and add comments directly in your browser.
  4. We review your feedback and incorporate it into the translation (if applicable).
  5. We deliver the final, polished translated file.


Unlock Global Growth with Us:

  • Precise translations: Delivered by native-speaking language experts.
  • Streamlined processes: Maximising cost-effectiveness for your business.
  • Unmatched quality: Consistent terminology and meticulous revisions.

Get a Free Quote Today! and take the first step towards achieving global success with our expert translation services and industry-leading tools.

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Free Up Your Time: Powerful Tools for a More Efficient Day

Make*Integrates many apps/software without programmingWith Make (formerly Integromat), hundreds of apps can be linked together to automate processes and exchange data. Examples: Automatically save email attachments to a specific location, monitor news about you and your competitors and much more.
Supabase*Relational Database (based on PostgreSQL)Used for our Paipa project management system
CraftMyPDF*PDF generator via APIUsed for our Paipa project management system
WeWeb*“No Code” programming of apps and websitesUsed to programme our Paipa project management system
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MermaidCreate chartsChatGPT/Copilot can create Mermaid chart code according to your instructions. Paste this code into Mermaid and download the result as a graphic file (also SVG). See example below.

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