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The term “localisation” – often also called “l10n” (localisation, with the ten letters ocalisatio in between) – means that software – also websites, films, books, other business processes and materials – is adapted to the local customs of a country or region.

The first thing that happens is the software is translated into the language of the country.

However, in addition to the pure translation, examples and visuals also have to be adapted. For example, when translating from American English into German, references to pension plans (401(k) Plans) would have to be replaced by relevant German Riester plans. Or from a different perspective, in the USA, people love American football, whereas in Germany, it is not necessarily popular or even known. So football in German has to be rendered as soccer. Illustrations also have to be changed accordingly:

Other cultural differences also need to be considered. In some countries, it is not culturally acceptable to show photographs of people. These would then need to be replaced by illustrations or other material. It goes without saying that dimension units, currencies and temperatures, dates and times also have to be adapted (this is done automatically by the operating system to some extent if the software is suitably programmed)


Because of our many years’ experience, we are able to advise you before you embark on your projects. This will help you avoid time-consuming and expensive changes later. We provide the following:

  • Optimum preparation of your software in the planning process (internationalisation, also known as "i18n"),
  • Optimum adaptation and localisation of your software and
  • Optimum translation process using the very latest software tools.

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