Quality is measurable

Our reputation is our best advertisement. But you can also measure our quality and our claims using objective criteria. For example, LocaSoft is working according to DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05. This standard specifies the reviewable requirements placed on translation orders. These requirements are based on the following things, among others:

  • The source text
  • Cooperation between those involved in the translation order
  • Choice of translator
  • Procedures
  • The target text (translation)
  • Checking translations
  • Documenting and filing the entire translation project

Our worldwide partners also work according to relevant standards or are tied to them through partnership agreements that adhere to the essential conditions of DIN EN 15038. We also place particular importance on the following principles to assure our quality continuously:

  • “Two pairs of eyes are better than one”: This is why translation and then proofreading – checking and fine-tuning the translation – are strictly separate. This is how we are able to rule out the “auto-pilot” syndrome.
  • All translators translate exclusively into their native language. They are selected for the translation order concerned according to specialized fields in which they have many years’ professional experience.
  • The same principle also applies to all our proofreaders.
  • We use the very latest software tools to support translators and proofreaders – tailor-made for the client and order. This saves unnecessary work and ensures efficient planning and also an optimum price/performance ratio.