Speed and high quality - thanks to its worldwide Language Web, LocaSoft can satisfy the main requirements placed on translation and location at any time:

  • Native speakers translate and proofread in your target country,
  • The use of partner agencies avoids the time-consuming search for qualified translators abroad.
  • large volumes can also be processed in a reasonable time, because we can allow several translators and proofreaders to work on a project.

With our network of specialists and partner agencies, we can deal with projects of practically any size in practically all specialist areas in a reasonable time.

Partners in the fields of DTP (all languages, including Macintosh), software testing and engineering, sound and multimedia also make up the Language Web. And we do not simply abandon you after we have done the actual translation work. At your request, we will help you sell computer games, training software or other software products.

Networking in the Language Web is a particular advantage if you want to organise multilingual projects. Since LocaSoft only works with partners who have specialised in similar products or use similar or the same tools for translation and localisation, we can guarantee a fast, smooth workflow for your projects - anywhere in the world and with consistently high quality.

If you are a freelance translator or an agency and are interested in a partnership with LocaSoft, please contact us via our special contact form.