Bertrand Gillert founded LocaSoft in 1999. With more than 30 years' experience in software localisation, the company's founder is one of the pioneers in this field. A qualified mathematician and programmer, he translated the first Microsoft C-Reference manual.

He worked for a number of years as a freelance translator, mainly for Translingua in Bonn, and was involved in numerous projects: Microsoft Money (the first three versions: Software, Btx-Part and Help), Access, Visual FoxPro (software and assistants), Creative Writer and many more. Right from the outset, Gillert used logic tools for assisting the translation process (e.g. Trados Workbench) and developed converters for DTP programs (FrameMaker, Interleaf). When Translingua closed, he decided to use his experience to form his own company, LocaSoft.

The combination of up-to-date know-how and many years’ experience quickly ensured that LocaSoft established itself as a special supplier of technical translations of all different kinds, the simultaneous translation of projects into several languages being a particular trademark. To process these projects smoothly, LocaSoft now works with a worldwide network known as “The Language Web”.

Perfected, up-to-date technologies and work processes are being added to the Language Web including the latest communication technology, optimised project management software, localisation and translation tools and lean management methods. Dispensing with in-house generalist translators has allowed LocaSoft to offer its clients optimum quality with an extremely good price/performance ratio.