Simpler, faster, better: thanks to the right tools

Even the best software tools cannot (and should not) replace people where localisation and translation are concerned. However, they can offer effective support. They can ensure that all the work and design processes are in sync and running smoothly – and are therefore fast and economical. This is why LocaSoft works exclusively with the latest hardware and software: We have a dedicated broadband line (VDSL 50) for access to the Internet; we also back up all data every day.

We use the very latest software to achieve an optimum translation process, including SDL Trados Studio in particular. Consequently, we are able

  • To use old translation orders and previous versions for your current translations and
  • Guarantee a very high rate of consistency in the text (identical formulations/consistent terminology), even if we translate into several languages simultaneously.

The translation tools we use ensure that your project can be handled more quickly (and therefore more economically) while maintaining extremely high quality. Among other things, the tools allow simultaneous translation of a project by several translators in some cases.

As far as software translation and localisation is concerned, we trust the qualities of Passolo used with Windows. This allows us to adapt the size of dialog fields and buttons in the content to avoid duplicated access keys (hot keys). These adjustments are not lost when updating. And the translation of resource files for Linux and other operating systems (in text format) are our bread and butter. We use our translation tools here too.

However, our exclusive speciality, and the product of nearly 20 years’ experience, is the combination of all the tools to ensure that software and help/documentation correspond to each other.